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Member Mingles

In an effort to "get together" and "talk shop" a bit more often, we've introduced Member Mingles. These casual get-togethers are initiated by members and are held randomly in various locations. Mingles are available and free to members only. These meetings are come if you can, bring your own beverage and snack, and have an open mind to chat, share, and laugh with your friends. Watch the PPC Members Only Facebook page for announcements and details. Get involved and host your own Mingle!


Being a part of PPC is a great opportunity to build both your social and professional network. Not only will you have the chance to become personal friends with the best professional photographers in the state, but our private members only Facebook Page is a great resource for sharing, brainstorming, asking questions, buying and selling equipment, finding second shooters, and so much more.


PPC offers education at the highest level available in the state of Colorado. All of our event topics are at the advanced education level. Watch for Member Mingle gatherings announced on the private Facebook page for intermediate topic discussions. We will teach you things you had no idea you didn't know.

SWPPA Membership

By being a member of PPC, you are automatically granted membership to the Southwest Professional Photographers of America (SWPPA) - which gives you even more access to education, networking, and social opportunities as well as FREE admission to the SWPPA annual convention.

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2014 Annual Convention and Print Competition

Barry Rankin will be our speaker for our conference/convention on Sunday, November 2nd.

Master Craftsman and a Fellow in the American Society of Photographers. Fellowship is for Photojournalism... The only one from 114. Photographer of the year awards (6-Gold; 1-Platinum) from PPA. Five times Michigan Professional Photographer Of the Year. Imaging Excellence Award and an additional Bar for loan images. Rankin has over 700 Merits and over 150 Exhibition Merits.

Agenda will be

9:00a - 11:00 a Meet at the Philip S. Miller Library in Castle Rock--100 S Wilcox St. (on location) for Hands on photography. Watch and Learn from the Master. Bring your cameras.
11:00a - 12:00n LUNCH - on your own
12:00n - 5:00p Barry will explain marketing and how he is surviving in Detroit, MI from Sports to
Weddings and everything in between.

Please sign up on the website: www.PPColorado.com

Membership is $199.00 for 2014/15
Non-Members $69 just to hear Barry Rankin

Thank you,

Chris Waldron
Waldrons Photography
719-593-7721 office
719-332-2196 cell

2014 Print Competition-Digital Image Submission Information

2014 Digital Image Competition


Digital Image Submission Information

Digital Image Submission
1. Files must be sized so the longest dimension is 4,000 pixels (20 inches at 200 ppi). Each file must contain an embedded color profile of sRGB and be saved at a JPEG quality setting of 10. Total file size should not exceed 3.5 MB.
2. Files MUST be named as follows: (01 thru 06) 01_Title_Lastname_Firstname.jpg (use an underscore (_) for spaces, e.g. 01_See_Spot_Run_Johnson_Jeff.jpg).

Digital Album Entry
1. A Digital Album (a set of digital files to be judged as sequential layouts on monitors). NOTE: Multi-maker and single-maker albums will be judged as one category.
2. All page/spread files must have the longest file dimension at 4,000 pixels (20 inches at 200 ppi), have an embedded color profile of either sRGB and be saved at a JPEG quality setting of 10.
3. Each page/spread file may contain as many images as you desire.
4. An entry may contain up to 36 page/spread files. The first slide and last slide MUST be black but are in addition to the 36 max.
5. Files are to be numbered in viewing order using two digits (i.e., 01.jpg, 02.jpg, 03.jpg, etc.).
6. All individual page/spread files must be contained in a single FOLDER. This folder is a single entry and is to be named: 01_Album_Title_Lastname_Firstname (use an underscore (_) for spaces, e.g. 01_Marsha_Joey_Wedding_Avalos_Rick).
7. Studio identification or entrant’s name cannot appear on any file within the album entry.
Multi-Maker Album Entries:
1. Each entrant must pay the appropriate entry fee of $75
2. Folder must be named: 01_Album_Title_Lastname_Firstname_Lastname_Firstname.jpg (use _ for spaces, e.g. 01_Betty_Jacob_Engagement_Johnson_Jeff_Bailey_Jill)
3. Images in the album must be the work of the entrants, with a minimum of 20 images per entrant.
4. Multi-maker albums will be judged as one entry.
Image Submission Deadline & Fees

PPC requires you to register and submit your digital files ONLINE for entry into the 2014 Image Competition. Register and submit RIGHT HERE
Deadline 11:59PM Wednesday October 29th. NO EXCEPTIONS!! (PLEASE!)

Entry Fee
$75 covers entry of 1 to 6 images. NOTE: Photographer of the Year, First Time Entry, Court of Honor and Six for Six Awards are decided on the total points for ALL of your images, so enter SIX!

Image Categories and Awards
Remember . . . there are 1st, 2nd & 3rd place awards for each category for BOTH Masters and General (NON-Master) photographers! NOTE: Your submission must score at least an 80 to be considered for ANY of these awards and trophies
• Portrait
• Illustrative
• Artist
• Commercial
• Wedding
• Album (Wedding, Event, Engagement, Senior, Child, etc.)
• B&W
• Out of State
• PLUS . . .
• Highest Score CPP (PPA Certified)
• Highest Score ASP (American Society of Photographers)
• Best of Show (Highest Score – First Place only)
• Top Ten (10 Highest Scoring Totals – All 6 of an entrants images)
• Photographer of the Year (Highest Scoring Print Case – BOTH Master & Non-Master – First Place only)
• Six for Six – When ALL of your image entries score 80 and ABOVE.

PPC follows PPA competition rules, yet we have additional categories not available in PPA competition…
There are three distinct differences in all photographic competitions, the rules, the awards and the entry categories. PPC has many awards not available in PPA and so on. States using PPA rules still have their own entry and awards categories to reward makers.

When entering albums as “Multi-Maker” do both makers submit the album files?
It is not necessary to do so. Both makers must be members in good standing and register the entry along with case fees.

Where can I go for registering entries?

Can I see my entries being judged?
Judging will begin on Saturday, November 1st at 10am and will continue until completed. It is free and open to anyone. You will be asked to leave the room during the actual awards selections following the print competition.

What are Colorado Fellowship degrees?
You find out more about the Fellowship Degree program by going the following web site www.ppcolorado.com/fellowship.html

When will I know my entry score?
Your entry score will be announced immediately after the Judges scores are tabulated. If you are in the room, you will know your score. After that, your score will be posted on the www.PPColorado.com web site soon after the competition.

Will someone be available to help me understand my score?
Judges and Masters of Photography degree holders will be available during the convention to help you understand your score. In addition, check the 12 Elements of a Merit Image on the PPA web site www.ppa.com/competitions/international/12elements.php

How can I win an award for my entry?
Entries marked “Print of Distinction”, scoring 80 points or higher, are eligible for awards. Awards are determined by the judges or by the print score itself. These awards will be announced at the PPColorado Awards Celebration on Sunday, December 5th at 4pm.

How do I choose an entry category?
See the list of categories above. Before submitting your registration and if you have a question, please feel free to contact Jeff Johnson at 303-921-4454 with any questions you may have.

Am I allowed to use someone else’s image in my entry?
In the Photographic Categories not only is it a violation of copyright laws, it is also strictly forbidden in the rules to use images not created by the maker. Entries should show your creativity and not intentionally copy any existing work from someone else. In the Electronic Imaging Category, entries which have been reproduced from an existing photograph, portrait, graphic or any other artwork produced by another person must be accompanied by permission from that
maker and pasted on the back of the entry.

How can I use the competition in publicity about me?
Use the Publicity Release form to send to your local newspaper for a free article about your accomplishments.

The PPA Affiliate Juror’s for 2014 are:
Thomas Henn – North Carolina
Karen Rubin – Colorado
Dawn Muncy – Oklahoma
Leslie Hoyt – Oklahoma
Jose Yau – Texas

Rick Avalos – Jury Chairman – Colorado

Jill Bailey – Print Chair

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