The Business of Event Photography


Aaron Hockley, M.Photog.Cr, FP-OR, HFP-OR

Event Photographer

Aaron Hockley has been a professional event photographer for eleven years, having gotten his start with a variety of indie tech events in the Portland area. His event experience ranges from small charity gatherings and startup launch parties to higher-profile events for clients such as Comcast, Amtrak, and Sports Illustrated.

Successful event photography involves much more than just showing up at an event and taking snapshots of what you happen to see. If you're looking to incorporate event photography as one of your photography services, this workshop will teach you how to do so in a profitable manner that leads to repeat clients. In this workshop you'll learn:

  • What to include in your event photography contracts
  • An overview of pricing models and options
  • Working with the event venue and other vendors
  • Insurance considerations
  • How your editing and delivery method makes a difference to the planning and preparation

While in-person events are on hiatus right now, the information we'll discuss will prepare you for success as we start to meet again for conferences, trade shows, corporate events, and more.

Aaron Hockley, M.Photog.Cr, FP-OR, HFP-OR has won many image awards including multiple PPA Loan Collection images, Third Place for Illustrative/Commercial images at PPA's Grand Imaging Awards, and he was a finalist in the first year that PPA participated in the World Photographic Cup. He'll bring his event experience coupled with award-winning image-making knowledge to help you on the path to successful event photo work that results in happy clients and a profitable business.