Photographing Interior Architecture - How to Find Success in the Design, Resort & Luxury Real Estate Market


Barry Grossman

Architecture - Real Estate Photographer

Barry Grossman, an industry leader for over 25 years as a photographer of interior design and decor, commercial architecture, luxury real estate and resort hotels. Barry is known for his creative use of lighting and composition to create inspired, beautiful images which make a statement and leave an indelible impression.

Barry share’s his philosophy of composition, lighting as he outlines his thoughts on his shooting style.
Some of what will be covered:

  • Walk you through an interior and architectural photography shoot
  • Lighting as he outlines his thoughts on his shooting style
  • Demonstrate his post-processing techniques inside Capture One and Photoshop
  • Showcase light-blending and advanced masking to achieve both natural and dramatic lighting effects for interior photographs

Barry is a sought-after teacher and mentor to other photographers, hosting successful workshops and tutoring industry professionals around the world. Known for his energy and positive outlook, Barry’s goal is to share his technical proficiency, enthusiasm and artistry with other photographers, encouraging them to push the boundaries of their own work.