Artist Projects to Fuel Your Passion


Gregory Daniel - M. Photog.Cr., CPP, F-ASP

PPA President

Ever find yourself burned, lacking creativity or feel like you are stuck in a rut? You might enjoy pumping excitement and refueling your passion through planned Artist Projects throughout the year. Reignite your soul while providing a priceless experience to your most invested clients. Greg and Lesa are rare people. Greg combines an incredible business mind with wonderful artistry. He loves sound planning, along with seizing the emotion of the moment. Lesa is a natural people person who genuinely cares for all her clients. If you hope to succeed in the marketplace today, you need a plan that works from start to finish. Greg and Lesa have honed their processes like no one else. Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn from them: - Create a project plan that fuels your passion - Build a unique experience for your VIP clients - See a simplistic approach to Artistic Lighting Let Greg and Lesa hold your hand while you step up into your next level of success. They’ll leave you begging for more.

Gregory Daniel M. Photog.Cr., CPP, F-ASP
Lesa Daniel Cr.
Titusville, FL, USA
A nationally recognized husband and wife duo who create exquisite portraits, Greg and Lesa Daniel are also masters in sharing their knowledge and experience.

They make it look so easy, but you will learn their secret is behind the scenes’ preparation and planning that result in timeless original portraits and a highly successful business.
“Before each of the great masters began their portraits, landscapes, and still life paintings, they sat down in front of a blank canvas. Ready to pour all they knew of their craft into creating brilliant works of art. As I’ve grown and matured as a portrait artist, I’ve learned to approach my work from an artist’s perspective; each session brimming with the potential of a blank canvas, beckoning me to awaken it with my skill and vision”.
Greg and his wife Lesa Daniel are internationally recognized for their artistry. Though he is one of the most awarded photographers in the United States, Greg has the utmost privilege of living out his passion every day alongside Lesa in operating their portrait photography galleries in both Indialantic and Titusville Florida. He has achieved both the title of Master of Photography and The American Society of Photographers Fellowship.
In addition, Greg is was one of the youngest members to be inducted into the prestigious Cameracraftsmen of America in 1991, proud founding member of the International Society of Portrait Artists (ISPA) and is the 2020 President for Professional Photographers of America.