How to Make Living from Nature Photography for 40 Years!


John Fielder

Colorado Nature Photographer

John Fielder has worked tirelessly to promote the protection of Colorado’s ranches, open space, and wildlands during his 40-year career as a nature photographer and publisher.

Some of what will be covered:

  • Discuss with accompanying imagery throughout how he has succeeded photographing Nature
  • Learn about the required lifestyle
  • His environmentalism
  • The ins and outs of publishing books
  • Other ways to market photos
  • Enjoy a presentation about his latest book Colorado's Highest: The History of Naming the 14,000-Foot Peaks

John Fielder's photography has influenced people and legislation and has earned him recognition including the 1993 Sierra Club Ansel Adams Award, in 2011 the Aldo Leopold Foundation’s first Achievement Award ever given to an individual, and in 2017 Colorado Mountain College presented him an Honorary Degree in Sustainability Studies. 51 books have been published depicting his Colorado photography. He teaches photography workshops to adults and children, and his latest books are and John Fielder in Focus and Colorado Black on White. He lives in Summit County, Colorado. Information about John and his work can be found at